About Us

At Taab, we believe travel is one of the most rewarding, inspiring, and enlightening things one can do that adds value to all aspects of life, including the workplace.

How It’s Done Today

Today’s core employee benefits, such as healthcare and 401(k), are, in general, not the kinds of benefits employees look forward to using. Benefiting from health insurance likely means you’re sick, while benefiting from your 401k means, bluntly, that the majority of your life is behind you. There are very few benefits offered today that employees actually look forward to using and gaining near-term value from, let alone any that address a common pain-point for employers and employees alike, such as employee burnout.

95% of HR managers state that employee burnout is sabotaging their workforce, leading to turnover and increased cost of recruitment all while...

70% of employees did not use all of their PTO last year.

This is where Taab fits in. Taab (travel-as-a-benefit) is a near-term benefit that employees and employers benefit from in the here and now.

How It Got Started

At the helm of his previous quickly growing 40 employee company, CEO and co-founder of Taab, Dru Dalton, noticed something; growth didn’t come easy and it wasn’t without a cost. The team was working like crazy and accomplishing great things, but they were beat up and burned out.

Knowing burnout leads to turnover, Dru wanted to create a solution that was a win-win for both the employees and the company, one that rewarded the team for their hard work and supported their personal travel and vacation pursuits. Thus, Dru created Taab.

Say Hello To Taab

Taab was an instant success with Dru’s employees. Within three months of offering Taab, employee participation was higher than 401k participation, majority of employees stated that they saw an increase in workplace morale, and 88% said they had an increased affinity for the company. Employees were able to get away more frequently, explore, refresh and recharge, and felt the company was supporting them in their time-off pursuits.

In the following months, word spread about Taab and other companies wanted in. Dru saw the value it added at his company and knew other organizations could realize the same benefit. Along with co-founder Aaron LeClair, Taab is now on a mission to help employees show up as their best selves and help employers realize the creativity and productivity gains that follow.